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pixel gun hack 2014 for android

after long time of no activity, we return with more power and tools than ever before! we are proud to present to you our new production: pixel gun 3d hack for every compatible android device like smartphones and tablets (version 2.3 and up).

our pixel gun 3d hack has 3 main functions, that is: coin adder, ammo adder, and health doubler. these all three changes can and will help you battling versus other living players. better guns, more ammo and health is all about winning. and of course it is all done for you to be happy with our pixel gun 3d cheats!

we can start describing our pixel gun 3d hack tool by showing you a virus scan of our application that it is completely clean and nothing is to worry about. our software is 100% clean and tested. may we also add that it is unbannable as we were having over a month of closed beta-testing of our pixel gun 3d.apk.

Here is the promised virus scan of our Pixel Gun 3D Hacking Tool!



The new game which our Pixel Gun 3D Hack Application is for is in Minecraft theme, you are one of thousands of soldiers that have to fight against each other. There is enormous weapon choice, from melee weapons to the biggest sniper rifles. You can choose among many game modes, like single player campaign or survival arena, multiplay in co-op or deathmatch. It is perfect to play with your colleagues and whoever else you want. Controls for this Minecraft’esque FPS are easy, left circle is movement and right circle is shooting and aiming. There can be up to eight players connected during one round, that is much for a smartphone game I’d say. There is also a mode that everyone loves: zombie mode with countless amount of them spawning to get you. Watch out for them as they are deadly! Pixel Gun 3d Hack is compatible with anyversion of the game, so any future updates will not affect how it is working. The goods are usually generated in less than one minute.  The SQL injects and hooks into game database itself, allowing to unlock variables that stand for health, ammo and coins amount. It is innovative method that we have discovered with our team lately. The .pkg file sends packages to game data center and back to your smartphone or tablet, which makes the Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tool working possible. Below we are adding a screen that shows full process of injection, un-rooting and changing different amounts. We should add that our tool does not need to be used on un-rooted phone, our tool does it itself! We are sure that noone has implemented this feature in any of the hacks, and our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats do have that neat one.

pixel gun 3d hack initialization step

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Initialization


Let’s proceed to listing our Hack Tool for Pixel Gun 3D features.

Our application is sleek, the graphical user interface is very user-friendly. It is intuitive and not complicated so even not “computerised” person will not have any problems with using our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats. As we said before, our hack has options of adding HP, Ammunition and Gold. You start by inputting your nickname from the game to let the hack identify for who these goods should be added. You have our guarantee that our hack is ban-proof and safe to use. Also beware, do not use other hacks from other websites, they are most propably fake and not working, as we have tested them and inspected them while producing our tool, to inspire from others, but sadly we could not take anything from them as they were simply empty files. Have these words in mind while deciding which tool to download and use. They may also have some kind of smartphone viruses that are pesky and hard to delete.

To sum it up, our Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tool comprises of:

-small size

-neat GUI

-proxy function built in

-256-bit SSL Encryption

-100% ban free and tested

-virus and malware free


We want to show you some of the reviews of our Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tool for Android platform beforehand we give you download links for our app.

Hey guys it’s reaverox5124 I just want to say that this is the only working Pixel Gun 3D Cheats that you can find on the Interwebz! I was looking really long for this until these guys from CheatingDownload offered me to test their tool. I can just say, I’M AMAZED!

We’ve got one more review of our hack, here it is:

hi this is sh3yla from combat-wombat pixel gun 3d clan, i can just confirm that i win any match that i enter, EPIC tool ! recommended!!!

So, we can guarantee that your game will be your Pixel Gun 3D Hacked!


Let us proceed to showing you te UI and Effect of the hack itself!

Here is the Pixel Gun 3D Hack screen of apk:

Pixel Gun 3D hack tool for Android

Our Pixel Gun 3D Hack.apk

Everything is simple but effective. Hope you will put it to good use.

Here is another screenshot that proves we do not bollock you around.

Pixel Gun 3D Hacked

Pixel Gun 3D Hacked

Everything is working as you can see, we are offering quality tools such as our top Pixel Gun 3D Hack.apk!



Our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats is always up to date! Enjoy!

Download links for our Pixel Gun 3D Hack:

 Mirror download link for our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats!


How to Download

Quick guide video of how to download our superior Pixel Gun 3D Hack for Android!



  1. Well I can only say that it is working, works fine on my HTC ONE !

  2. Got Samsung S4 here, not even a single lag or bug. Hack for this pixel gun 3d works as it should and as it’s shown. Grab it fast and thank you so fkin much !