Modern Combat 5 Hack Blackout

Modern Combat 5 hack

We’re proudly presenting our newest application, which is Modern Combat 5 Hack. The game was released today (that is 24 july 2014) and, because it was leaked yesterday, have already made a hack for it! Check this out, it has a lot of useful features.

Hello again!

After some time, we’re back. Today, we are realeasing new Modern Combat 5 Hack freshly developed, without any errors. Minor bug fixes will be eliminated in update system, so don’t worry. Also, for now, we can confirm that there is no ban risk from MC:5 developers.

What features our tool provides?

  • level adder (up to 100 level)
  • skill points adder (the main function, everyone’s searching for)
  • all weapons unlock and upgrade to maximum level
  • fresh guides and strategies to go through missions more easily

Maybe, at this time, it’s not a whole bundle of functions, but we think, that if that’s working, why not serve this for our fans?

The most important – IT WORKS. We were testing this on Samsung Galaxy S5, also Nexus 5 and LG3 – no problems there. Of course, we are prepared for security updates from G@meloft, and if they will add some code that will make our app broke or not working, we promise, that we’ll put all of our effort to restore Modern Combat 5 cheat to working state.



How to download


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Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the newest first-person shooter (FPS) video game which is fifth edition of the Modern Combat series. The first version of the game was realeased on July 24, 2014.

Previous game from Modern Combat, Zero Hour has a lot longer missions in campaign mode. Developers from G@meloft, the creators of Modern Combat, to increase enjoyment of the players, divided missions, so now we have more, but shorter, the average duration is 5 to 10 minutes.

The new feature in Modern Combat 5 is allies. They’re joining us during fights, and then following our soldier.

Missions in Modern Combat 5: Blackout are various. Besides controlling the soldier, we’re able to steer a boat, helipocter, or drone, if you like to!

The graphics of the game are simply amazing, in our opinion it’s the most advanced application on this field now, on Android. This is a big video-game production, that you must try. That’s why, we made a Modern Combat 5 hack.

Here you can see Modern Combat 5 android hack in action:

modern combat 5 hack

File info

File name: MC5H Fixed2.apk

File Size: 2.58MB

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